Company Background

Established in 2008, Pan Asian Mortgage Advisory has now partnered with more than 30 banks and financial institutions to serve our customers with the mission of: “Proffer with Knowledge, Serve with Professionalism”. We do not just send mortgage referrals to lenders. We assess and advise our customers on their credit and risk profiles and make suggestions on the most appropriate lending relationship for them.

The standard procedure for mortgage referral agencies is merely to send their client’s mortgage application form to banks and financial institutions  in Hong Kong. As a result, the same client will have his application being repeatedly transmitted to various lenders by different mortgage referral agencies. This will result in multiple access to that client’s credit record at the public credit data centre and not beneficial to the individual’s  credit record when his application is being reviewed by several lenders subsequently. Needless to say, the duplicative application methodology is coming with a cost of flowing client’s personal information with different lending entities indiscriminately .

Conversely, at Pan Asian Mortgage Advisory, we do not just follow the standard procedure. We aim at providing a value added mortgage referral service with Knowledge and Professionalism to our customers. Our expertise in mortgage brokerage business equips us with  knowledge in comparing  different mortgage options and help customers  to choose the best solution that perfectly fits their needs.

Seasoned Mortgage Lending Experience

With extensive mortgage lending experience from Pan Asian Mortgage , our consultant has in-depth and hands-on knowledge in mortgage underwriting and the principles  of credit acceptance. Our colleague can carefully assess the credit and financial information of our customers and provide appropriate mortgage options available in the market offered by banks and financial institutions. This curtails the undesirable duplicative submissions to banks and financial institutions on the same applicant as the market participants in referral sector would unscrupulously do.  Once our referrals are sent out to lenders, they are almost complete in terms of necessary documentation and our customers can comfortably make his final choice without hassle.

It is our mission to educate the general public on mortgage lending by publishing articles in independent and publicly renowned financial media on a regular basis. We have written articles and commentaries on the mortgage loan features, lending process and risk management etc. to provide homebuyers with a platform to access the essential concept of  credit acceptance and more importantly, for them  to understand the responsibility of borrowing.

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