Maximum LTV up to 90%

SuperFirst Mortgage Program (SMP)

SuperFirst Mortgage Program (SMP) is offered by Pan Asian Mortgage Co. Ltd., the shareholder of Pan Asian Mortgage Advisory.

Pan Asian Mortgage pioneered the 140%LTV negative equity mortgage refinancing program (SuperFirst Refinancing Program) in 2002 to help homeowner to refinance their negative equity mortgage.

It re-engineered and created the current SuperFirst Mortgage offering 90%+ LTV mortgage loans for primary and secondary market properties. Under SMP, the concessionary lower interest rate covers the whole loan tenor and the LTV currently can be as high as 90% of the property price.

Applicable Property

Pan Asian SuperFirst Mortgage is suitable for most primary market properties and secondary market properties transaction, and cash-out refinancing.

The LTV depends on the property valuation:

First-hand and Second-hand Residential Property:

  • Maximum 90% LTV mortgage (for property price below $30 million)/
  • Maximum 80% to 90% LTV mortgage (for property price over $30 million).

Special Offer:

  • Interest rate as low as 4.125% (P-2.0%)
  • Loan tenor up to 30 years
  • Cash rebate
  • Financing of Low Program Participation Fee

Applicable Borrowers

  • Mainly targeting local homebuyer for self occupation.
  • Borrowers have to fulfill the HKMA debt-to-income ratio test.

Application Timeline

  • Apply through Pan Asian Mortgage Advisory exclusively
  • Pan Asian will complete processing the loan application at about 7 working days with sufficient information and income proof
  • After Pan Asian’s approval, the application will be passed to partner bank for approval. Pan Asian Mortgage Advisory will inform the customer of the result
  • Pan Asian Mortgage Advisory will arrange mortgage drawdown procedures if customer accepts the loan terms

Pan Asian Mortgage Advisory is the sole agent of the SuperFirst Mortgage Program, if you want to apply or have any enquiry please call or whatsapp us at +852-55966181:

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