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Tracking interest trends

HIBOR based Mortgage

Hibor-based mortgage interest rate is calculated in the basis of Hibor rate (Hong Kong Interbank Offer Rate), which is generally calculated by one month Hibor and quoted as H + X%. This kind of product is much more fluctuated than Prime based products.. As Hibor rate may rise considerably, most of the banks will set a cap rate based on Prime rate to lock up the risk of interest soar.

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Maximum LTV up to 80%

SuperFirst Mortgage Special Offer

Offer by Pan Asian Mortgage Co. Ltd, the concessionary lower interest rate covers the whole loan tenor and the LTV currently can be as high as 80% of the property price.

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Your stable choice

Prime based Mortgage

Prime based Mortgage, also known as P-Plan, the interest rate is usually quoted as P – X %. P-Plan Interest rate may vary according to the fluctuation of Prime rate. P-plan mortgage is more stable and familiar in the market.

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